This blog isn’t really about anything, except all the thoughts that come into my head. Basically, this is a place for my to expel those thoughts in a vomit type manner, normally angry, fast, and make no sense.

This blog will also probably be a bit whiny at times, cruel and a bit judgey.

I just need to let some things out.

But why an open blog, you would say? Well, I type faster than handwriting,  which allows me to get my thoughts out faster and more vomit like. Which is what I want, I want to get the thoughts out as soon as I think them basically. That takes a private handwritten journal out of the equation. Sure, I could also make this just a document on my computer so that no one would ever see it. But where’s the fun in that?

I use multiple computers to write, and frankly I like to have something out there to make me feel more important than I actually am.

Not to mention, this is my own type of therapy for myself. Since people don’t seem to think I need the real thing.


Plus maybe someday I’ll let someone read the stuff I write here.